City of Rocks

Climbing. Hiking. Camping.

The City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park offer some of the most diverse and interesting climbing areas in the Pacific Northwest.  Climb moderate to advanced single- and multi-pitch routes; no special permits needed.  If you want to place permanent anchors, you can find the permit forms on our City of Rocks page PDF.

Hike more than 20 miles of trails inside the National Reserve, around ancient geological formations.  Explore shorter (but no less interesting) trails in Castle Rocks State Park.  Hike through dramatic high desert landscapes to early indigenous pictographs. Watch for and photograph wildlife and scenery along the way. 

Camp in rustic camp sites just steps away from the best climbing routes in City of Rocks.  Opt for partial RV hook-up sites at Smoky Mountain Campground.  Or stay in a glamping yurt or 100-year-old remodeled Lodge at the Castle Rocks Ranch.  Use our camping guide to find and book all the best sites.

City of Rocks

The City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park offer some of Idaho’s best climbing, hiking, and camping.  Come visit the state park system and federal Reserve to climb, hike, and camp near ancient geological formations, some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet.  Choose from rustic tent and bivy sack sites to a comfortable, renovated century-old ranch house with full amenities, WiFi, and room for 8.  Hike to pre-historic pictographs painted under porous rock along ancient stream beds.  Photograph Pinon Pine landscapes and native wildlife.  Explore a diverse and fascinating natural landscape and complex natural history.  Walk the Oregon and California Trails, and learn about recent and early indigenous history throughout the region.  City of Rocks is an outdoor playground with something to offer for everyone.  

The Best City of Rocks Climbing, Hiking, and Camping

The City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park Idaho offer world-class climbing and routes that will challenge all levels of experience.  A unique combination of moderate to advanced climbs require a range of technique and style to climb both single and multi-pitch routes in the Reserve. And many of these single and multi-pitch routes sit side-by-side, from moderate (5.6-5.9) to advanced (5.10-5.13) climbs. In all, the Reserve has about 700 developed routes, from Twin Sisters in the South to Bread Loaves in the Northwest.  Spend a day, a week, a month, and see just how great the climbing in Idaho really is.

The City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park provide numerous hiking trails to explore.  Enjoy an easy but scenic route around towering geological formations in Castle Rocks State Park.  Or hike down through rocky canyons surrounded by Pinon Pine forests and granite walls.  Hike short paths around Elephant Rocks or other popular climbing rocks.  Explore the unique and unforgettable landscapes of City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park.

Take your pick for City of Rocks camping and accommodations. Choose from multiple state and federal campgrounds and camping areas within the National Reserve or the two Castle Rocks State Park complexes.  Stay in the 100-year-old Castle Rock Ranch Lodge, the Willow glamping yurt, or partial RV hookup sites.  Inside City of Rocks, camp in rustic sites just steps away from some of the best climbing in the National Reserve.  Use our camping guide to find and book all the best sites at City of Rocks.

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