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Idaho's Snake River as seen from Massacre Rocks State Park. Sagebrush and a rocky ridge are visible on either bank of the river. The high desert region is home to many desert species and a thriving ecosystem.

Idaho Campgrounds – Massacre Rocks State Park and the Oregon Trail

While camping at Massacre Rocks State Park, hike along the Snake River canyon and sections of the Oregon and California Trails. Experience the rich history of the Po’hogwe Trail and learn about the Shoshone people who first inhabited this area of Idaho. Visit nearby attractions in American Falls and fish near the historic American Falls hydroelectric dam, now managed by Idaho Power.

Idaho Hot Springs - The Best Natural Hot Tub Waterfall - Pine Flats Campground and Hot Spring. A view of the upper thermal pools that create a waterfall over the South Fork of the Payette River.

Hot Springs Near Boise Idaho – The Best Natural Hot Tub Waterfall

Pine Flats Hot Springs is a great mix of accessible and remote, undeveloped but comfortable. The short hike keeps the crowds down, but the trail is maintained and easy to moderate, depending on weather conditions.

Oregon Life - Road Trips Oregon. The Ancient Forest Center at Opal Creek, Oregon, in the Opal Creek Wilderness. Historic cabins at Opal Creek can be reserved and rented. Changing fall leaves in the foreground contrast with the green tin roofs of the cabins, with smoke swirling above them at dusk in the mountains.

Oregon Hikes – Opal Creek Hike

Visit Opal Creek, Oregon and the Ancient Forest Center, a private, non-profit educational center in Oregon’s Opal Creek Wilderness. The historic settlement sits along Opal Creek near a Depression-era water wheel and power station in the wilderness area.

A view of the Spokane River from the Centennial Trail near Spokane Valley, Washington.

Run the Spokane River

If you’re looking for a place to stay and run, I recommend this stretch of the Centennial trail, between mile markers 9 and 11, from the Spokane Valley Hampton Inn and Suites to Mirabeau Park and back (or vice-versa). As you’ll see below, the trail is accessible and follows the Spokane River East and West. Surrounded by lush growth and just over a small rise that separates the trail from the commercial development of Spokane Valley, the Centennial Trail feels far more remote and isolated than it is.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Hikes - Lava Canyon Trail #184. This photo shows the Southern side of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, including the debris fields left after the 1980 blast melted ice and snow and sent a flood of debris that carved out the Lava Canyon. The Lava Canyon Trail provides a challenging, yet rewarding view of Muddy Creek and the canyon re-carved by the melted ice and rock that resulted from the volcanic eruption.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Hikes – Lava Canyon Trail #184

Discover the Best Gifford Pinchot National Forest Hikes Near Mt. St. Helens. Hike the 2-mile Lava Canyon Trail to see lava formations, waterfalls, & more! Lava Canyon Trail #184 has both an accessible, paved hiking path and a moderate to difficult section of trail that follows the Muddy River down to the base of the canyon.

A young girl hikes up a 45-degree sand dune at Bruneau Sand Dunes in Southwestern Idaho. Bruneau Sand Dunes is the tallest free-standing dune in North America.

Camping in Idaho – Bruneau Sand Dunes

One of the state parks along the Snake River basin is Bruneau Sand Dunes, the surprising location of North America’s tallest free-standing sand dunes, kept in place by near-constant opposing winds. The Dunes state park also has an interpretive center observatory and day-use area if you’re not planning to stay overnight.

A colorful, nighttime display of 4th of July fireworks in the United States. Sparks fly in a rainbow of color in this slow shutter-speed image taken in the Pacific Northwest on the United States' Independence Day

Graphic Stock: 4th of July Fireworks

In honor of the United States’ Independence Day, we’re giving away free, full-resolution downloads of our best fireworks stock photography. We shot most of these in the Pacific Northwest, in Bend, Oregon; McCall, Idaho; and Boise, Idaho.

Wine Tasting Experience - Napa Valley Wine Tours. The iconic Domaine Carneros Château and Vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

Wine Tasting Experience – Napa Valley Wine Tours

If you’d like to plan the ultimate Napa Valley wine tasting experience, we’ve got just the tour for you! We’ve selected our favorite 5 wineries throughout Napa Valley, based on tasting rooms, wine flight options, and the overall experience at each winery.