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A large red barn near John Day, Oregon. You can view countless classic barns on the drive from John Day to Prairie City, Oregon.

Best Stock Photo Sites for Photographers: Rural Landscapes

Mod Fam Global provides free, high-resolution, downloadable stock images, one of the best stock photo sites for photographers looking for free stock photos. We shot these photos in rural Oregon, Idaho, and New Zealand’s South Island.

An interior poster with Chinese script at John Day, Oregon's Kam Wah Chung & Company, the most significant collection of 19th and 20th Century artifacts documenting Chinese immigrants in the American West. The store, boarding house, doctor's office, and home contains documents and objects from the third-largest Chinese settlement or 'Chinatown' in the United States. The building sat undisturbed for decades before being opened and preserved, first by the city of John Day and later by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Interesting Oregon Facts: John Day’s Kam Wah Chung & Company

One of the most significant and interesting historical sites in Oregon sits near John Day, Oregon’s Main Street. Chinese immigrants Ing Hay and Lung On bought Kam Wah Chung & Company in 1880. They turned the dry goods store into a successful, 50-year partnership, providing medical care, dried goods, lodging, entertainment, writing and translation services, and other important services to both the Chinese and non-Chinese communities.