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Best Place to Kayak - Magone Lake in Oregon. Several kayaks sit along the shore of Magone Lake, a natural lake created by a landslide in the early 1800s.

Best Place to Kayak – Magone Lake in Oregon

If you’re looking for the best lake to kayak in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, check out Magone Lake, near Mount Vernon and John Day, Oregon. This roughly 50-acre lake offers calm water, beautiful natural features, and miles of shoreline to explore. Keep reading for kayak access points, directions to Magone Lake, and more.

Explore the Best Hiking in Castle Rocks State Park Idaho. A young girl stands atop massive boulders inside the Castle Rocks State Park Idaho complex.

Explore the Best Hiking in Castle Rocks State Park Idaho

The best hiking in Castle Rocks State Park Idaho starts at the Castle Rocks Ranch Unit and the Stines Creek Picnic Area. Within the Ranch Unit, you can explore the 2-mile Backyard Boulders Loop. Or venture further into the geological complex toward Eagle Rock Grove, Shark’s Fin, and Brackenbury Gulch. Keep reading for trail maps and our pick for the best easy day hike, the Backyard Boulders Trail.

City of Rocks - Climbing Hiking Camping. Sunset over Idaho's Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve.

Enjoy the Best City of Rocks Idaho Camping

Enjoy the best City of Rocks Idaho Camping at Castle Rocks State Park. Located just outside of the National Reserve, the state campground offers a full range of amenities and quick access to the Reserve and nearby Almo, the visitor’s center, and Durfee Hot Springs.

City of Rocks - Climbing Hiking Camping. Sunset over Idaho's Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve.

City of Rocks Climbing, Hiking, and Camping

City of Rocks Climbing. Hiking. Camping. The City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park offer some of the most diverse and interesting climbing areas in the Pacific Northwest.  Climb moderate to advanced single- and multi-pitch routes; no special permits needed.  If you want to place permanent anchors, you can find the permit forms on

Idaho National Parks - City of Rocks National Reserve. A rock climber ascends a vertical rock face in the center of the City of Rocks and Idaho's Castle Rocks State Park.

Idaho National Parks – City of Rocks National Reserve

Explore Idaho National Parks and the City of Rocks National Reserve. Hike, backpack, climb, bike, and ride your way through this scenic geological area. Get all the best recommendations and trip ideas here.

A wide-angle view of Henrys Lake at the inlet to the lake, from hiking trails that lead out from Idaho's Henrys Lake State Park. Reeds and other marshland vegetation grows in the foreground, and the Targhee National Forest and mountain range are visible in the distance.

Fishing Henrys Lake

Try fishing Henrys Lake, Idaho, for some of the best Cutthroat Trout, Rocky Mountain Skulpin, Mountain whitefish, and more.

A young girl paddles her kayak across Henrys Lake in Northeastern Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park. She is silhouetted against the deep, blue water, and the sun shimmers and sparkles across the water. Blue sky and mountains can be seen in the distance, the edge of the Targhee National Forest.

Henrys Lake State Park

Hike trails around the lake and the surrounding mountains. Kayak and fish along the marshy inlet or out into the lake. Camp in any of the park’s reservable spots for RVs, trailers, and tents. Click any link in our table of contents above to find information, resources, and recommendations for the best place to camp near Yellowstone, Henrys Lake State Park!

The Best Rooftop Bar in Venice, Italy - Venice Nightlife - Views toward San Marcos from the Island of Giudecca and the Hilton Molino Stucky

Venice Nightlife – The Best Rooftop Bar in Venice, Italy

The Hilton Molino Stucky wins the award for best rooftop bar, if only because it sits overlooking the waterway between La Giudecca and San Marco, with views of all of Venice. The food and drink menus compliment the open views, and whether you’re staying at the Hilton or just coming over for the rooftop bar, you’ll find it easy to get here and even easier to stay all night long. The Skyline Rooftop Bar sits on the 8th Floor and is one of five restaurant and lounge options at the Hilton property. From April to October, the Rooftop Bar is open from noon until 1:00 am; from November to March, hours shorten from 4:00 pm until midnight.

A wide-angle view of Oregon's Magone Lake, near John Day, Oregon. Enormous pine trees overshadow the walking path that encircles the lake.

Best Camping in Oregon: Clyde Holliday State Park

Some of the best camping in Oregon is a long way away from the coast and the I-5 corridor. You may be surprised to find the high desert oasis of Clyde Holliday State Park, a campground and day-use area near John Day, Mt. Vernon, and Magone Lake.

An interior poster with Chinese script at John Day, Oregon's Kam Wah Chung & Company, the most significant collection of 19th and 20th Century artifacts documenting Chinese immigrants in the American West. The store, boarding house, doctor's office, and home contains documents and objects from the third-largest Chinese settlement or 'Chinatown' in the United States. The building sat undisturbed for decades before being opened and preserved, first by the city of John Day and later by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Interesting Oregon Facts: John Day’s Kam Wah Chung & Company

One of the most significant and interesting historical sites in Oregon sits near John Day, Oregon’s Main Street. Chinese immigrants Ing Hay and Lung On bought Kam Wah Chung & Company in 1880. They turned the dry goods store into a successful, 50-year partnership, providing medical care, dried goods, lodging, entertainment, writing and translation services, and other important services to both the Chinese and non-Chinese communities.

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