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Best Place to Kayak - Magone Lake in Oregon. Several kayaks sit along the shore of Magone Lake, a natural lake created by a landslide in the early 1800s.

Best Place to Kayak – Magone Lake in Oregon

If you’re looking for the best lake to kayak in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, check out Magone Lake, near Mount Vernon and John Day, Oregon. This roughly 50-acre lake offers calm water, beautiful natural features, and miles of shoreline to explore. Keep reading for kayak access points, directions to Magone Lake, and more.

Active Recreation - Lake Cascade State Park & Tamarack Resort. A ski lift in summer carries mountain bikes to the top of the mountain at Tamarack Resort.

Active Recreation – Lake Cascade State Park and Tamarack Resort

One of the best recreational lakes in Idaho, Lake Cascade provides ample boating, fishing, and water sport opportunities, with access on all sides of the lake. Boat ramps at multiple campgrounds and access points make it easy to get out on the lake.

Fluffy white clouds form over layered mountains at the edge of Idaho's Cascade Lake, at Idaho's Cascade Lake State Park near Tamarack Resort and Donnelly, Idaho. The clouds reflect on the lake's surface, and marshy grasses are visible in the foreground.

Lakes in Idaho – Lake Cascade State Park

Lake Cascade provides ample boating, fishing, and water sport opportunities, with access on all sides of the lake. Boat ramps at multiple campgrounds and access points make it easy to get out on the lake. And fishing spots all around Lake Cascade offer access to Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, and more. This Idaho lake provides year-round recreation. Keep reading below for more information about our top picks for outdoor activities at Lake Cascade.

Red and yellow flames lick the charred black end of a burned log. The bright colors of the flame contrast against a dark black background and the blackened coals of a campfire at Cascade Lake State Park in Central Idaho.

Best Camping in Idaho – Lake Cascade State Park

Lake Cascade offers some of the very best camping in Idaho. Centrally located, Lake Cascade State Park is one of Idaho’s largest state park complexes. It offers year-round activities and 10 different campgrounds around the lake. Whether you come to boat, fish, and water ski or relax along the shore, Lake Cascade has amenities for all types of outdoor recreation and activities.

A view of alpine trees along the shore of upper Baron Lake in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

P Idaho – Words That Start with P

P Idaho – Idaho is known for Potatoes. But that’s just scratching the proverbial surface of Idaho’s possibilities and potential when it comes to the letter P. Idaho offers peaks and powder. And pints. And pubs. And don’t forget pioneers, Pinot Noir, and Ponderosa Pine. Join us on our photographic portal to P Idaho.

Idaho's Snake River as seen from Massacre Rocks State Park. Sagebrush and a rocky ridge are visible on either bank of the river. The high desert region is home to many desert species and a thriving ecosystem.

Idaho Campgrounds – Massacre Rocks State Park and the Oregon Trail

While camping at Massacre Rocks State Park, hike along the Snake River canyon and sections of the Oregon and California Trails. Experience the rich history of the Po’hogwe Trail and learn about the Shoshone people who first inhabited this area of Idaho. Visit nearby attractions in American Falls and fish near the historic American Falls hydroelectric dam, now managed by Idaho Power.

A wide-angle view of Henrys Lake at the inlet to the lake, from hiking trails that lead out from Idaho's Henrys Lake State Park. Reeds and other marshland vegetation grows in the foreground, and the Targhee National Forest and mountain range are visible in the distance.

Fishing Henrys Lake

Try fishing Henrys Lake, Idaho, for some of the best Cutthroat Trout, Rocky Mountain Skulpin, Mountain whitefish, and more.

A young girl paddles her kayak across Henrys Lake in Northeastern Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park. She is silhouetted against the deep, blue water, and the sun shimmers and sparkles across the water. Blue sky and mountains can be seen in the distance, the edge of the Targhee National Forest.

Henrys Lake State Park

Hike trails around the lake and the surrounding mountains. Kayak and fish along the marshy inlet or out into the lake. Camp in any of the park’s reservable spots for RVs, trailers, and tents. Click any link in our table of contents above to find information, resources, and recommendations for the best place to camp near Yellowstone, Henrys Lake State Park!

A young girl hikes up a 45-degree sand dune at Bruneau Sand Dunes in Southwestern Idaho. Bruneau Sand Dunes is the tallest free-standing dune in North America.

Camping in Idaho – Bruneau Sand Dunes

One of the state parks along the Snake River basin is Bruneau Sand Dunes, the surprising location of North America’s tallest free-standing sand dunes, kept in place by near-constant opposing winds. The Dunes state park also has an interpretive center observatory and day-use area if you’re not planning to stay overnight.

A wide-angle view of Oregon's Magone Lake, near John Day, Oregon. Enormous pine trees overshadow the walking path that encircles the lake.

Best Camping in Oregon: Clyde Holliday State Park

Some of the best camping in Oregon is a long way away from the coast and the I-5 corridor. You may be surprised to find the high desert oasis of Clyde Holliday State Park, a campground and day-use area near John Day, Mt. Vernon, and Magone Lake.

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